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Case Studies & Testimonials

We love what we do. Creating strong relationships with our Clients, Candidates & Students is what we strive to achieve and specialise in. Don't just take our word for it though. Below are our attached Case Studies from our work we've carried out with Queen Margaret University & Edinburgh College as well as some testimonials from our Candidates, Clients & Students.



Candidate Testimonials


"I have worked with Theorise, employed as an external tutor working primarily with dyslexic, dyspraxic and autistic undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In my time with Theorise, I have been impressed by a number of features of the agency:

1.     Communications are excellent – timely, clearly expressed and yet friendly. I have never been kept waiting for a reply to my emails and I always know that if they do not know the answer to a question, Theorise will make appropriate enquiries straight away. They are totally approachable and make it clear that all issues are taken seriously.

2.     Theorise conveys a great sense of balance of loyalties, indicating that they value all stakeholders in the agency – in my case, students, external tutors, university disability staff and funding agencies.

3.     Theorise staff are always efficient and capable. Despite the potential for mistakes in processing paperwork, timesheets etc., I have yet to experience problems or inaccuracies.

Alison Galloway, Study Skills Tutor, Edinburgh area.

“I have worked with Theorise over the last academic year as a Study Skills Tutor, and have found the Theorise family to be approachable, supportive and professional throughout. They are extremely accurate and timely regarding payment; the work is interesting, and their communication is excellent – there has never been a time when they haven’t responded promptly to a query. I look forward to continuing our working relationship into the foreseeable future.”

Alison Spencer, Study Skills Tutor, Glasgow area.

Student Testimonials


“Theorise were in touch very quickly and as soon as they received my Award Letter within two days I was put in touch with a tutor. The tutor was friendly, knowledgeable and once I had let them know the sort of areas I would need help with we both put a plan together to follow. Without the help of my tutor I don’t think I would’ve got the grades I wanted. Thank you to both Theorise and my tutor for all their help.”

Queen Margaret University Post Graduate Student


"Working with a Theorise tutor has greatly improved my self-esteem, confidence and ability to manage my anxieties. With my Theorise tutor's support I feel better able to express my ideas and plan my work. I have noticed an immediate improvement in my academic work and have achieved distinction marks I previously thought were out of reach. "

Queen Margaret University Masters Student

Queen Margaret University Case Study

We've been privileged to work with a number of Colleges & Universities. One of our first involvements in student support came at Queen Margaret University in the provision of note taking support. Have a look at our PDF, that explains the challenges faced and the solutions we had to these problems.

Edinburgh College Case Study

Theorise first involvement with the provision of support to any College or University was with Edinburgh College Granton. Theorise relationship has developed over the years with an ever increasing demand for our support workers. Our PDF below, explains our work with Edinburgh College and how we have become their choice for the provision of the majority of their students non-medical assistance.