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Theorise is solely dedicated to the supply of high quality NMPH support staff to Colleges & Universities across the United Kingdom.  We provide a range of different roles to colleges and universities including Study Skills Tutors (dyslexia, dyspraxia & other specific learning difficulties), Mental Health Mentors as well as in-class Support Workers, Note Takers, Proof Readers & Examination Support Staff. Theorise Ltd is recognised for our excellent quality of service not only to our Clients but also our Candidates and we’ve built this reputation through a tailored approach to meet each of our Clients’ individual needs. While Theorise continues to grow we still offer a personalised, professional yet informal approach with a focus on meeting the needs of all our Clients and the Students with whom we work. 

In the 19-20 academic year to date, Theorise has supported over 1100 students with support being provided to students  studying at the Academy of Music, University of Derby, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College, University of Glasgow, Heriot Watt University, Inverness College UHI, Moray College UHI, Napier University, Open University, Perth College UHI, Queen Margaret University, Scottish Rural College & the University of St Andrews.


Why Theorise?

Theorise is fully aware that you have a choice but with our focus and determination to giving both our Clients and their Students a positive experience we hope to be your first choice.

Further education can be a daunting prospect for any student but perhaps more so for those who need additional support, for whatever reason, and we are committed to ensuring they are afforded appropriate support from a suitably qualified and trusted support worker who can assist in their academic progression. 

 We recognise that sourcing “best fit” candidates can be challenging but we are confident Theorise has the experience and know-how to deliver a solution for all student’s specific needs. Theorise have a proven track record of delivering excellent candidates for a range of roles, whether it is one person or volume recruitment, we are entirely confident in our ability to meet your requirements.

Theorise consider it critical to our success in education that we retain our support workers to ensure students have consistency throughout their studies. Ideally, a support worker assigned to a student in the first year of their course will continue to work with the same student until the completion of their studies. Theorise firmly believe that consistency is key for students and having the same support worker can assist in their academic progression through the creation of a strong and trustworthy working relationship.

Theorise Ltd unlike many other companies operating this field also have credibility and accountability in the field of recruitment which we believes makes us stand out from other providers. We continuously strive to improve and uphold our reputation as a professional and high-quality recruitment business as a: 

· Corporate Member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)

· Member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

This ensures we commit to the highest standards of being a compliant and productive recruitment business and ensures we can be trusted to provide an honest and reliable service.

How we do it

Theorise believe our expertise and experience distinguish ourselves from other agencies operating in the education sector and our recruitment process is clear, thorough and bespoke to ensure we attract the highest quality applicants to fill our positions. 

Process of organising support

  1. Initially we will be contacted by the college, university or student directly with information regarding the student's contact information, course title, year of study and funding information including their authority, type of support and number of hours available to support. At this stage if support is for any form of in-class support we'd be notified of the student's timetable.
  2. Theorise will search our current database of available candidates and should we have someone available immediately that meet our criteria to work this student then we would assign this member of our support team to the student. An assignment form would be provided to this candidate and the student would be contacted by Theorise directly confirming whom has been allocated to work with them. Should we not have someone available to work with this student we'd commence our recruitment process.
  3. The role would be advertised on our website as well as several suitable job boards. Theorise recruitment team will undertake a thorough review of applicants CV's and covering letter and shortlist the applicants whom we feel are best suited for the role.
  4. Theorise recruitment team will carry out an initial telephone screening with the candidate and discuss the role in more depth and briefly discuss their experience within the education sector. Applicants whom impress at this stage will be invited to interview.
  5. Theorise interview the shortlisted candidates using a thorough process detailing candidates employment history, education and qualifications relevant to the role. Theorise will ensure we have valid documentation is up-to-date for their eligibility to work in the UK and to work with students through PVG checks.
  6. Theorise will offer a contract for services to the best candidate and upon receipt of their paperwork we will notify the college or university of our new member of our support team and allocate them to work with the student(s) they were recruited for.

Becoming a client

Theorise process is extremely straightforward to allow colleges and universities to utilise our services quickly. We have some concise paperwork that we require to be completed and can quickly ensure your students that require support are matched quickly with one of our team.

We send monthly reports to our clients on all students that have been assigned to work with one of Theorise support team that detail the hours they have used and their remaining allocations. If a student does not engage within 2-3 weeks with our support staff then this is quickly flagged up and passed on to the students allocated D&I Adivser.

Should you wish to discuss Theorise further, please use the contact form below or contact Dany Brunton -


The below Theorise Education Services PDF gives a summarised insight to the above which can be useful to pass on to any college, university or student whom may be interested in our services.

Our Guidance and Job Descriptions are  a detailed view in the roles we provide and our expectations of those whom are engaged in work through Theorise.

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